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Clouds & Sunsets

When I was a child, my sister and I would lie for... View More "Clouds & Sunsets"


How can there be such variety in flowers? Not only in color,... View More "Floral"


Light, Atmosphere and Depth If there were no light, we would not... View More "Light"

Living Things

Spirit is alive in all living beings: flora and fauna and humanity.... View More "Living Things"

New Mexico

When I moved here, I felt like going through a decompression chamber. ... View More "New Mexico"

Pencil & Charcoal Sketches

Sketches are rough ideas that often go nowhere. They represent an offering... View More "Pencil & Charcoal Sketches"


In the same way the sky is a canvas for the paintbrush... View More "Portraits"

Rocks and Other Hard Places

Rocks are hard, inert, unchanging, right? Wrong; not to me, anyway. When... View More "Rocks and Other Hard Places"


In the high desert, snow is a soft silver dust. It glows... View More "Snow"


Ah, water; the life-giving, life-affirming and life-sustaining element, without which there would... View More "Water"


Cindy Grossman, Pastel Artist

Cindy Grossman  •   Artist    •     Taos     •     New Mexico

Cindy Grossman is a professional pastel artist based in Taos, New Mexico. Her work as appeared in exhibitions, private collections and shows throughout the Southwest. To understand her medium pastels is to understand her work. Pastel binders can be found in a variety of materials, the consistency of which dictates the hardness of the pastel itself, informing the way the medium is used. The beauty of pastel work is in the layering. The dust that is created is tiny particles of that pure pigment, crystallized. On the surface of the piece, these crystals catch, reflect, and refract light, almost embodying the very life of the subject itself. 

Her work brings life into the objects that we see and touch. Pastels mimic nature more than other mediums, and I believe it’s why I use them to portray my own personal renderings of the beautiful, natural, living world