About Me

Several years ago, with the encouragement of my husband, I picked up pencil and paper and started to study drawing with a well-known Taos pastel artist, Kathleen Smith. A year after that, still under her tutelage, I began to use pastels and it has been a non-stop love affair ever since.

Until I started down this glorious pastel road, I had been a performing artist by training and profession. I have come to realize that there is much in common between the Visual Arts and Music Performance and dare I say, that connection exists in all the arts. At least, that is my experience and opinion. As a professional singer and voice teacher, one of the most rewarding and surprising aspects of that art form was the potential to bear witness to an emotional experience that could never quite be replicated. No matter how many times I sang a particular song, it NEVER came out the same. The same holds true for my painting:  When I draw or paint, I am hoping to somehow capture the emotional essence of the light that has transformed into the color of a field of flowers, or an old pick-up truck, or a hot-air balloon fest, and by some miracle put that down on paper. And no matter how many times I “create and re-create” a particular scene: it NEVER comes out the same. I am always discovering something new, exciting and magical.